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Oct Exec Summary 04

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Executive Summary

October 2004


The Mesquite Generating Station produced 633,650 MWh for the month of October at a combined daily average heat rate of 7536 Btu/kWh and an averaged Capacity Factor of 89.65%. Operational statistics as follows:

Block 1:
October :
Equivalent Availability Factor
Capacity Factor
Equivalent Forced Outage Rate
Block 2:
October :
Equivalent Availability Factor
Capacity Factor
Equivalent Forced Outage Rate
0.0 %

All Mesquite units were dispatched continuously throughout the month of October with the exception of 10/24, when 1x1 configuration was required due to market conditions. A trip of STG3 occurred on 10/28 as a result of water ingestion in the isolated phase bus duct following a sudden weather event. Ground protection relays tripped the unit and prevented restart of Block 1 until Mesquite personnel were able to trouble-shoot and remove water from the duct area. Block 1 units were restored the morning of 10/30.

The FERC EQR was submitted in October as were the EDR and SMRF reports to the EPA Region 9 and Maricopa County , respectively. A third-party EHS Audit was conducted at Mesquite on 10/12-13 th on behalf of Sempra Licensing and Permitting. RATA testing of Block 2 was performed during the week of 10/18 and training for (EPA) Smoke School , High Voltage, and Water Chemistry were all conducted during the month.

Site visits included Natural Channel Design (Wildlife Habitat project) on 10/6, TDM site management on 10/19, and Martin Karpisack of UofA (Reveg project) on 10/26. Steve Perrizo and John Lopez attended the annual NERC GADS workshop on 10/27-29 th . The second annual Mesquite Golf Classic was held on 10/15, raising $12k for local charities.


Mesquite Power logged 8178.04 hours in October with no Lost Work Day or Recordable Injuries. The first of a series of ADOSH safety audits is scheduled for late November to certify Mesquite in the Arizona SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition) program.


Hours worked 56,520.97

Lost Work Day Injury and Illness 0

Recordable Incidents 2

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