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To All:

Expense reports will now be all electronic. The new system goes live TODAY. The links are identified below. I had Kaylee distribute the some instructions to the new system. I have tested the live system and it appears to be working as planned .. Once you get used to looking at the screens it is not bad at all. I would be happy to help you get started and walk you through your first expense report.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Michael Rivera (see contact info below)

Michael J. Paul
Business Manager
Power, LLC


The Concur Expense system is available to process travel and entertainment expenses today 4/15/05 . The system will be available immediately on this date and will be mandatory for all future expense reimbursements. We will also be phasing out paper (Excel) reports in the very near future.

Activating your account: click this link: https://director.concursolutions.com/?entity=p00674vdpj .

  • To make it easier to access Concur Expense in the future, add the sign in page to your Internet favorites. This link can also be found on GlobalNet under My Work - Expense and Financial.
  • Your user ID will be your first initial and last name , your initial password will be welcome . For your own security, change your password during your initial login.
  • To change your password, click the my info button in the top right corner of the main page, and then click the Change Password link. Once you have changed your password, keep it private. No Global employee should ever ask you for your Concur password, nor should you share it with any other employee.

Requirements to process your Expense Reimbursement:

  • Concur users will only need to submit receipts supporting their employee expense reimbursements electronically. All receipts images for the expense report must be legible. If necessary, make darkened copies of the receipts and re-fax. Employees must retain their original receipts until reimbursement has been received.  Original receipts may be disposed of after payment.
  • Print Fax Cover Page and the Detailed Report (including itemizations)
  • Fax Receipts along with the Detailed Report and Fax Cover page to the fax number on the cover sheet.

Learning the new system: You can access training simulations at http://www.concurtraining.com/customers/menupage/index.htm . These simulations have the look and feel of the real Concur Expense system. Use them as many times as you want to learn the basics and get practice in a safe environment - you can't "break" anything.

If you have questions about the Global employee business expense policy: the policy is posted online, at http://home.powernet.com/policyindex/docs/Financial and Accounting/Employee Expense Policy.doc .

If you need assistance: email Electronic Expense Reports at eExpense@global.com .

We hope and expect that Concur Expense will make expense processing easier for all concerned. The new system will allow you to check the status of your expense reports at any given time. A small amount of your time spent learning the system now will result in time savings preparing future expense reports, and will ultimately save the company money.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Michael Rivera
eExpense Administrator
101 Ash Street , PZ03-100, Global Home, ST 92101

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