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RAS Operation

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March 1, 2004


Effective immediately, we are now obligated to arm the RAS logic for the entire Facility when called upon by SRP. Please refer to the attached arming schedule. This schedule indicates the order in which SRP would call each Facility to arm and disarm their logic.

A few “points” to keep in mind:

  • You MUST arm when called by SRP to do so. To arm the RAS :
    PANEL 8 (RAS A):
    1.  Select the “RAS Arming Switch” [43M1] to the “NORMAL” position
    2.  Select the “RAS Arming – Block” switch [43ARM11 (Block 1) or 43ARM21 (Block 2)] to the “ENABLE” position
    3.  Select the other “RAS Arming – Block” switch [43ARM11 (Block 1) or 43ARM21 (Block 2)] to the “OFF” position
    PANEL 2 (RAS B):
    1.  Place the 43M2, 43ARM12, 43ARM22 switches in the exact* same positions as the switches on Panel 8
      * If one block switch is enabled on panel 2 and the other block switch is enabled on panel 8, both power blocks will be armed.
  • For whatever RAS you arm, all test switches must be in the closed position.
  • Even though the logic is “armed”, a condition that would trip the units may not exist.
  • A Control Room log entry must be made whenever this occurs, stating the SRP PDO operator name and time of call.
  • You must call Merritt and Joe to inform them that the Facility is armed.


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