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Enthalpy, H, of a system is defined as the mass of the system, m, multiplied by the specific enthalpy of the system, h i.e.:
H=m h

Specific Enthalpy

Specific enthalpy of a working fluid, h, is a property of the fluid which is defined as:
h=u+P v
u= Specific internal energy
P= Pressure
v= Specific volume

Unit Conversion

Specific enthalpy has the same dimension as [energy/mass]. The SI unit of specific enthalpy is J/kg. Other units are:

1 kJ/kg= 1000 J/kg
1 erg/g= 1E-4 J/kg
1 Btu/lbm= 2326 J/kg
1 cal/g= 4184 J/kg

There is a conversion utility called "Convert.exe" in the Convert folder
of "mesquitepower.com".

Equations from Taftan Data. They have many more.
Taftan Thermodynamics Pages


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