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2.0 Administration

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Section 2.0 - Administration

This section includes all procedures associated with general administration of the business.

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Modified June 05, 2003  

     2.01 Plant Staffing and Organization
     2.02 Hiring
     2.03 Employment Files
     2.04 Team Member Termination
     2.05 State and Federal Posting and Reporting Requirements
     2.06 Verification of Employment
     2.07 Workers' Compensation Policy
     2.08 Family and Medical Leave
     2.09 Holiday, PTO, and Other Exception Time
     2.10 Overtime Status and Pay
     2.11 Progressive Discipline Policy
     2.12 Sexual Harassment Policy
     2.13 Time Reports
     2.14 Expense Reports
     2.15 Travel & Entertainment
     2.16 Work Hours and Shift Schedules
     2.17 Personal Progress Plans
     2.18 Personnel Qualification Cards (PQC)

Reviews and Evaluations


Issuing and Revising Procedures

     2.21 Document Update, Control and Distribution    
     2.22 Document Library and Storage    
     2.23 Confidential Information    
     2.24 Annual Management Audits    
     2.25 Insurance Claims - To Administration    
     2.26 Internet and Email Policy    
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*Sempra Energy Resources is not the same company as SDG&E/SoCalGas, the utilities.  Sempra Energy Resources is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, and you do not have to buy Sempra Energy Resources products or services to continue to receive quality regulated service from the utilities.

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