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Immediate Actions for a "Blackout"

  1. Switch all communications to channel 3.
  2. Ensure D.C emergency lube oil and emergency seal oil pumps are in operation.
  3. Verify seal oil flow and seal oil differential pressure.
  4. Verify no oil in generators drain liquid level switch sight glasses.
  5. Ensure units goes on turning gear
  6. Check Automatic Transfer Switch's has gone to 12KV backup power.
    NOTE: there is an 11 second time delay during ATS transfer.
If ATS hasn't transferred:
  • Verify 1APF-DS-1 and Back Up Service Main Breaker are shut
  • Open breakers to 1 APC-MCC-2412 %2411 and 2APC-MCC-1411 & 1412
  • Re-attempt to shift ATS. If shift fails again, open all breakers on 1APC-MCC-2412 & 2411and 2APC-1411 & 1412, then try again.
  • Shut breaker to 1 APC_MCC-2411& 2412
  • Shut breaker to 2APC-MCC-1412 & 1411
  1. Verify that air compressor CWP 0001-C.starts on standby mode
  2. Check that both battery banks are being supplied by the chargers from reliable power.
    (Note) If 12 KV back up power fails to transfer rotate STG, and GT's 180 degrees by hand every 30min, until back up power is restored and units can be placed back on turning gear
  3. “Master Reset” all GT's. Failure to do so will result in auto purge of H2 in generators. Ensure emergency seal oil pump secures.
  4. Reset and open solenoid isolation valves for H2 and CO2 in collector end.
  5. Prior to closing 230 KV breaker it may be necessary to reset the lockout relay. Switch 86BF-52L1, Verify 12KV supply is lined up through the switchyard.
  6. Get permission from SRP to shut 230 KV breaker 52-L1 and commence back feeding. (IMPORTANT)Do not back feed until safe conditions are verified.
    Then shut 52-L1.
  7. Notify SET about our plant status.
  8. Notify Joe Davis and Merritt Brown on our plant status
  9. Restore ECB and HRC systems. Restore scanner air blowers. Restore rake on clarifier, if rake stuck start de-sludging. Restore service water and demin makeup systems.
  10. Normalize STG Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil systems
  11. Stop STG DC emergency lube oil and seal oil pumps at control panel (STG mezz deck)
  12. Shift all loads in PECC to be powered from 1APC-MCC-121/111 and 2APC-MCC-221/211. Verify 1APC-MCC-241 on 1APC-SUS-24 is shut and 2APC-MCC-141 0n 2 APC-SUS-14 is shut. Restore Automatic Transfer Switch to be supplied from 1APC-SUS-24 and 2APC-SUS-14.
  13. Reset H2 analyzers on STG 3&4
  14. Restore Condensate system.
  15. Restore drum levels in all HRSG's. Place all steam valves in a shutdown condition.
  16. Perform a check of all systems in shutdown condition IAW plant shutdown procedure.
  17. Perform plant start up IAW appropriate startup procedure.


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